Who We Are

Last year, in Linn and Benton Counties, 373 children spent time in foster care. 66.1% spent time in more than one foster home. Many were split from their siblings. There are 146 families certified in our counties to respond to this need.

If a natural disaster hit our state and children were wandering the street without someone to care for them, each of us would open our homes to help in the crisis. With more than 11,000 children in foster care and more entering the system every day, we're in the midst of a disaster in our state.

Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) works to care for children and families in crisis, but is often left with few resources for volunteer and foster parent recruitment efforts.

If we don’t step in, many children will be left without the care, comfort, and safety of a loving home during times of trauma, transition, and uncertainty. We can do better for Oregon's children. We know that Oregon's communities want to take action, and just don’t know where to begin. Many of us feel helpless, doing nothing or never considering foster parenting.

Every Child presents a new paradigm for Oregonians.

Every Child gathers families in partnership with Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) to aide vulnerable children and families. Everyone has something to bring to foster care — be it donating, volunteering, or fostering.

And by doing so, we’re able to bring love, care, and support to vulnerable children and families who previously had nowhere to turn.

What can you bring?

A Big Thanks

Every Child would like to thank Spirit Mountain Community Fund for their generous grant of $6,800!  The support from Spirit Mountain Community Fund will allow Every Child to increase monthly DHS Hospitality, foster parent orientation and coffeehouses, volunteer training, Welcome Box drives, and maintenance of DHS visitation rooms.  Each of these efforts helps to improve the lives of foster children, foster families and DHS workers as volunteers and community members come alongside them to encourage them.  Although it may seem like a small thing, these efforts truly do make a difference in encouraging DHS workers and offering on-ramps to families and individuals who are considering fostering.  Our goal is to find a loving home for every child and the support of Spirit Mountain Community Fund is allowing Every Child to move toward that goal!

Juan Young Trust is supporting Every Child through a grant of $5,000 to develop and expand a Respite Mix and Mingle program, where foster parents are able to meet with individuals who are interested in babysitting and providing respite.  The families are able to meet potential care givers in a coffeehouse setting and share about the children in their care.  As foster families are able to expand their options for babysitting and respite, they are able to take much needed breaks which allow them to foster for longer periods of time without getting burned out.  Respite and babysitting for foster families may seem like a small thing, but those families who are not able to catch their breath or take a break, it is a wonderful support!  We thank you so much, Juan Young Trust, for allowing Every Child to expand our support of foster families, children in care and DHS workers by launching this new program in Linn and Benton Counties!